The Sports Book was founded in 1997 by Danielle Lopata. While earning her B.S. in Management from the University of Miami, she working in the athletic department honing her skills in all aspects specializing in public relations, management, marketing, sales and advertising.  After graduation, Danielle went on to receive her M.S.Ed in Sports Administration. Duriing that time, she did various consulting projects with all of the major sports teams in South Florida as well as all of the top sporting events.  Her combined expertise, experience and extensive network of contacts form the inner workings that make the Sports Book tick.

The nation’s finest athletic talent and premiere sports models in additional to healthy commercial talent of all ages. Our talent offer athletic skill coupled with model looks to provide the authenticity needed for any advertising project. We fill the needs of film, television, print and promotional necessities  We pride ourselves in having the unique combination of ultimate athletes, specialty performers and overall healthy lifestyle professionals.